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Credibility Crunch: Defining 'expert' Fitness Is Becoming Increasingly Difficult

Anyone who pays attention to fitness trends knows that just about everyone who puts out a DVD or creates a new piece of equipment is an "expert."
There's certainly plenty of liberty taken with that word, and the general public probably is a little confused on what to try, who to believe or exactly what workout routine or diet to follow.
Obviously, you want to find something that you enjoy and won't make you miserable, albeit without compromising your initial intent to lose weight or combat overeating or simply eating the wrong things.
At the end of the day, the would be dieter or those embarking on fitness want results, but in a sea of products, pitch men and women and workouts that promise eight-minute abs and 10-minute training, where exactly does one begin to get healthier?
Asking a neighbor or coworker what they do might be a decent place to start, but why not truly aim for the stars? Literally. Years ago, celebrity trainers were untouchable beings, those who only shared their wisdom on movie stars or television icons, thus helping that small segment of the population shape, tone and cultivate a body made for the big or small screen.

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Today's trainers are much less shy and have no problem exercising their right to impart their tricks of the trade to the masses to rave reviews and unbelievable revenue streams. That fact is only furthered when you look at the success of television trainers such as Jillian Michaels, who has turned her fat to fit story into a bountiful, boisterous brand with DVDs, books, CDs, equipment and, of course, first run television programming.
Harley Pasternak helps such Hollywood heavyweights like Eva Mendes and Halle Berry get a perfectly toned bodies, and he also branched out his list of clients to include Katy Perry and Rihanna, thus making him quite the soothsayer as far as squats and sit ups go. Pasternak might not have the television exposure that Michaels does, but his resume speaks volumes, along with being not only a fitness guru but best-selling author. His "The Body Reset Diet" and the "5-Factor Diet" probably would go a long way to solving a sizable amount of your diet and exercise dilemmas and allow you to truly hone in and focus on a plan that makes perfect sense.
Similar to celebrity trainers are models who make the forage into fitness. In some cases, these models have appeared on magazine covers, online photo shoots or guest appearances on television as well. While they're not experts, these men and women have made fitness a way of life, and it is hard to argue with that type of dedication. This is different than a former actor turned fitness "expert" who has been spoon fed a workout plan for his or her entire life, and most likely is trying to make a quick post acting buck at your expense.
Take Miss America 2014 for example. Nina Davuluri introduced an entirely new segment of viewers to Bollywood Dance, which has transformed into a fitness craze with realistic results. These classes are popping up all over the country, and have become incredibly popular for not only results but enjoyment as well, a hard combination to find when it comes to fitness. One particularly adept Bollywood Workout is "Doonya: The Bollywood Workout," which hones in on all the major muscle groups and keeps participants fully engaged in the exercise itself.
Listening to the likes of Miss America, Jillian Michaels or Harley Pasternak sure sounds better than the alternative: the all too common trial and error escapades that is exercise and diet.
Even if you're embarking on an exercise outlet based on specific needs (i.e. obesity, pregnancy, etc.), it's important to see some serious credentials before buying into a program or eating habit. This especially is important from a diet standpoint as far as pregnancy is concerned; one can't be too carefully about not eating the right things, not to mention too little during those crucial nine months.
Women who are pregnant but want that experience to be as healthy as possible would enjoy "Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom," which is more than just a single DVD but rather a series that encapsulates the entire landscape and scope of motherhood from prenatal routines to post-baby workout sessions. The creator of this, Dr. Zelana Montminy, might not be a celebrity trainer per say, but she's intelligent, credible and works to fuse not only physical health but also taps into her background in psychology for a total pregnancy package.
And at the end of the day, whether you're pregnant or just pursuing a healthier you, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you're on the right track and, more importantly, following the right leader to get there.

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