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Closet space: Men might want to rethink certain fashion misses

Every guy has at least a few articles of clothing (and in some cases the entire closet) that have seen better days.
No, that doesn't mean the clothes are tattered, have holes in them or are needing chucked into the trash due to the fact that they're one wash cycle away from exploding into pieces.
This is more about those articles of clothing that, quite frankly, don't belong anywhere near the body of a man and in terms of "better days" no longer are in style and hardly would be dubbed as fashionable.
And some of these aren't so much about a particular look that is dead and should be buried, such as those skin tight jean shorts and tube socks or the always favorite socks paired with sandals but rather an actual article of clothing that men simply don't wear at all anymore.
Take for instance a friend of mine who still wears that belt with the buckle that looks like he's toting around the heavyweight championship belt worn by WWE wrestlers. Unless you're riding bulls or have some sort of hardware from that type of work, lose the larger than life belt buckle. No one wears them, they're not in style and you should rid your wardrobe of all of those unless this year's Halloween costume is that of a cowboy.

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From cowboys to carpenters, no one is wearing jeans or shorts that are riddled with pockets galore, loops and anything else of that ilk that looks out of place. Look, cargo pants and carpenter jeans had their time in the sun, but their fifteen minutes of fame have disappeared long ago. And just because they still sell something at the store, doesn't mean you have to buy it.
We're also not buying the T shirts for guys that are branded by names like Tap Out or Affliction. Those logo T's are expensive and were really popular about 10 years ago. These all over prints played to the younger male but eventually were being worn by men of all ages and shapes and the popularity waned quite a bit. Today's T shirt is understated, plain and solid colored. The Affliction world and the busy, branded shirts are no longer all the rage but rather easily viewed as laughable now.
Men often overlook what is to believed in style simply because they assume no one is paying as much attention to them when it comes to fashion and sensibility. The truth is men are best left to keep what they wear simple and send the silly into the back of the closet.

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