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Sporting chance: Is Fantasy Football going to ruin your marriage?

One of my better friends loves playing Fantasy Football. And when I say "love," it isn't one team, passively making up a lineup or not taking that would be draft of players important, but rather having to set his lineup by kick off Thursday night at 8 p.m. and telling me he has to take the day off to get prepared.
That seems a little extreme, but then again he also is in multiple leagues and pretty much could argue that Fantasy Football is his version of a part time job.
Oh, and did I mention that he's single?
While that fact doesn't necessarily mean much, nor is it suggesting that Fantasy Football players are all men or women without a significant other, but my friend has admitted that he's rather selfish when it comes to football and Fantasy Football for that matter but also that he's managing multiple leagues and that takes precedence over his relationship life.
In thinking of said friend and his propensity to put Fantasy Football (and fantasy sports in general; you can't forget about his multiple baseball teams as well), I started to wonder if Fantasy Football, with all its popularity and the millions who play it every season, if somehow being such a lover of fantasy could disrupt your reality?

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Simply put, can Fantasy Football actually hurt or even ruin a marriage?
You'd like to think that this is nothing more than speculation to the highest level, but consider a few key points.
Fantasy Football essentially eliminates your Sunday and heaven forbid if you are only a few fantasy points ahead or behind with players set to battle on Monday night. That tosses any plans with you and your special person on both Sunday and Mondays, taking care of any idea of spending time with the person you love the most.
And what about the money aspect of Fantasy Football? With about 41 million people in the United States playing Fantasy Football, some men and women spend in upwards of $1,000 per season this endeavor, with hopes of winning it big but actually most of the time losing that money every year.
Some men and women even lack the ability to prioritize when it comes to Fantasy Football both from a relationship standpoint and money as well. Make sure you make time for your special someone and that all your bills are paid; there's nothing wrong with enjoying Fantasy Football as long as it isn't at the top of your list.

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