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Desk job: Does it make sense to still buy desktop PC?

Not that long ago, when it came to computer and deciding what to buy, the answer invariably came back the same each time.
If you wanted to get work done and needed everything from memory to a processor that was perfect, you wouldn't think a laptop computer could handle the kind of horsepower that you needed.
Most laptops not that long ago hardly paled in comparison to the desktops that mattered most. Fast forward to 2015 and likely beyond, and you can have exactly what you need from a computer but in the convenience of a laptop and now tablets as well.
With that, the desktop is becoming a forgotten piece of equipment, and with good reason. Unless you're absolutely content on having a stationary computer, why wouldn't you be interested in a laptop, even if it was only the smallest chance that you'll need to have your computer mobile.

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A huge variable that is hard to overlook when comparing desktop to laptop is the latter not only allows you to work from anywhere, but the idea of needing a ton of everything and anything out of computer is necessary. Most tend to look at laptops and tablets as a means to use the web, write a little bit and maybe save some photos when the mood strikes.
Those overblown PC or Mac desktops just don't have a place in the world anymore.
Or, do they?
Truth is, desktops are for those who don't or can't handle the responsibility of toting around a computer. As funny or comical as that sounds, consider the person you know who loses their wallet and keys at every turn; those are the ones who can't be trusted and thus don't trust themselves with a laptop or tablet. 
Prices on desktops have come down considerably too so if having a mobile computer isn't high on your list of priorities, you might find a better, lesser price on a desktop that trumps any laptop for that same sticker price.
Desktops, as well, tend to be more of a favorite for the gamers of the world, those of whom sit down at their desks and spend hours playing a particular game and love the quiet and silence that is their own home.
Desktops will undoubtedly never see the high point they once did as far as sales go, but they still for now how a place in the market for the small modicum of men and women who aren't sold on laptops or portability just yet.

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