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Work zoned: Do your coworkers really even like you?

Who doesn't want to be liked?
It's human nature to want people to like you, even for the contingency that tells you that ultimately don't care.
They're lying. Everyone wants to be liked, invited to parties or included in social cliques and groups that the masses are mingling amongst. And no place is this want and feel greater than within the confines of the office or your place of work.
Being liked in the office isn't so much about working your way through the corporate ladder, although that helps but your work is what will matter, but rather making the most of those eight or more hours you spend in an office, confined to a space and not wanting to have work and how you're viewed or perceived by the rest of the employees making things even more tedious for you as you try to zip through that 40 hour work week.
So how can you tell if you aren't liked? 
The easiest way is the silent treatment, lack of eye contact and you being left out of the proverbial loop. The "loop" typically is being uninvited to meetings and not being included on emails that you normally were part of previously. The meetings thing is a sure fire sign that life at the office is moving on without you, in addition them not liking you.

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And speaking of not being liked, what about that boss or co worker that typically sought out your advice for a problem or task at hand or no longer does your opinion matter. Your boss is a tell tale sign of how you stand. Of course, they're entitled to bad days and perhaps not speaking to you is part of how they're dealing with their own on the job stressors, but if it lasts indefinitely or for an extended period of time or they spend the least amount of time possible talking to you, then chances are you're on your way out the door.
Your co workers too will pull away from you as far as even being sociable on any level but mainly in the office. They'll stop talking to you about work related projects or anything company oriented, and instead probably keep the chatter to a minimum.
Asking how your weekend was won't change, but if you see them shy away from giving out details about a meeting, then you have reason to be concerned.
The best way to handle not being liked or if you feel as though your job is in jeopardy is to, quite frankly, ask about it. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, then you broach any conversation with you boss in the hopes to turn around your misfortune.

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