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Novelty act: Burger King gets spooky with black bun

Halloween is just around the corner, and marketing of everything and anything scary comes to the forefront.
Including one of your favorite fast food restaurants.
Burger King, specifically, has decided to throw its hat into the Halloween ring with a speciality hamburger that is frightening to the eyes, even if it is a household favorite.
The Whopper is out to scare up some sales for Burger King in the midst of the Halloween season, only this famed, iconic burger is sporting a spookier side to it: it has a black bun.
To look at the Whopper, you see all the favorite grilled patty, onions, mayo and tomatoes you've come to expect from the sandwich that has been around for ages. The introduction of the black bun, which has already existed internationally, is coming to the states perhaps just in time to help Burger King sell some sandwiches and drum up some much needed interest in the brand and product overall.

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Whether it work remains to be seen, but you have to wonder if this is mostly about buzz and more smoke and mirrors than sales work at its finest. This Whopper might not look the part of the famed sandwich with the black bun and all but chances are it tastes the same and is more about Burger King trying to capture lightning in a bottle with timing and not so much concerned with sales from other sources.
Yes, Burger King is smart and savvy, but they should take a page out of the book of their burger buddies, McDonald's, which also is struggling in the sales department. McDonald's is trying to devise menu items in addition to the all day breakfast. The breakfast move is similar to the black bun Whopper; not really doing much except making slight changes to what you've already been doing.
Burger King would be wise to start at the drawing board and get together with the think tank that is their sales or marketing department, chefs and the people in charge of the food and menu and start thinking of ways to inject some life into the norm.
For now, the black bun Whopper is probably going to draw some interest or it could backfire and turn off people who have no interest in a bun that looks like it was burnt. Sales likely will fall some place in the middle, but once Halloween comes and goes, Burger King is going to be right back where it was before the gimmick sandwich.

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