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Charitable Cause (and Effect): Buying Products That Give Back Is An Easy Transaction

Consumers tend to stick with what they know and like: products that serve a practical purpose but also are made to last and have an underlying benefits associated with them.
Those benefits could be cosmetic in nature or center on quality, durability or enjoyment.
But what if a company could produce a product that not only fills all of the aforementioned characteristics but added one more to the list: charitable donations or giving back to a particular cause predicated on a purchase.
That isn't a new concept but one that never loses its refreshing nature. Even the most particular consumers, or ones that practice plenty of tunnel vision when they're shopping, are swayed at the thought of not only buying a remarkable product, but one made by a company which isn't shy about sharing in the proceeds.
Customers tend to take notice of this business practice, and it's tremendously easy to support and buy from a company that is equal parts sales revenue and working in conjunction with charities.

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And if you're one of the lucky companies, you'll get so much needed help for your cause, too.
"Drink Up" is a nonprofit cause near and dear to the heart of First Lady Michelle Obama as part of her Partnership for a Healthier America. The company S'well, which produces amazingly stylish and functional water bottles, joined forces with Obama to help achieve awareness for drinking more water and incorporating a healthier lifestyle.
S'well earns serious bonus points for not only producing a product that works wonders, it keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks warm for 12, but by giving back a percentage of sales to the "Drink Up" initiative when one of their limited edition water bottles are sold.
Not only do you get an amazing product with a S'well water bottle but the peace of mind knowing that you're attributing to elimination unhealthy eating and the threat of obesity.
Obama isn't the only person of fame to fight the good fight.
Actress Elisabeth Rohm reached out to the American Red Cross, which works tirelessly for the masses and those affected by disasters, and the shoe brand Therafit to incorporate the sales of a specific, special red athletic sneaker. For every red colored sneaker purchased, Therafit wrote a $20 check to the Red Cross.
Therafit also showed its true colors when those red shoes not only meant money to the American Red Cross but also that the footwear company went as far as to discount the shoe initially.
It's hard to argue with that type of all hands on deck mentality from a company consumed with feet.
Even the marquee, large scale corporations that some consumers believe do little within a community for a cause step up: names like Wal-Mart, Macys and Wells Fargo are just a few heavy hitters who don't mind lightening their enormous checkbooks with a more than decent deduction from their overall revenue. In some cases, large scale retailers chop off up to 10% of their overall profit and dish out not only large sums of money but work together with schools or community action campaigns locally to help buy everything from school supplies to clothing or provide much needed medical attention, as an example, for those who can't afford it.
At the end of the shopping day, some buyers probably don't take into consideration the good work most companies do behind the scenes but rather just the pair of jeans, cutting board for the kitchen or streamlined car they're about to buy.
But keeping abreast of all the good-natured deeds done by retailers should be noticed. Knowing which companies give back in the form of charitable donations could be a deciding factor on where you choose to spend your money.

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