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HT see: Look of new HTC phone screams copycat

Apple is no stranger to being copied. HTC is the latest to take what works at Silicon Valley and make it their own.
The latest version of the HTC phone, known as the "Aero," looks exactly like the iPhone 6, and consumers and critics alike are noticing the ripoff.
The cell phone marketplace, and it certainly is no secret, belongs to the iPhone and Androids, but HTC, although they make a decent to good phone, isn't in that category with the others. In fact, they're not close and a lot of that comes from a lack of marketing dollars that would be considered comparable.
Apple undoubtedly is flattered by the move, since the company hasn't exactly been the progressive leader and champion of originality. Lately, the Android, specifically the Samsung Galaxy line of phones, have seemingly been one step ahead of Apple and every other cell phone company.
And that has resulted in Apple losing a little bit of its luster in comparison to what Samsung has been able to do recently, what with everything from initially trotting out larger screens to having a curved screen or virtually everything else in the cell phone market that would be considered new.

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Apple, for the first time, seems one step behind the pack.
So that's why the famed Apple brand is likely beaming after HTC has taken the iPhone 6 frame and body type and tried to make it its own. HTC isn't exactly setting the world on fire from a sales standpoint, either, so taking the "if you can't beat them, join them" mentality isn't surprising.
Some reports indicate that the new HTC iPhone wannabe is going to be priced to move, which may be the only salvation and redeeming quality of what HTC is trying to do. The marketplace might be in line to try and find an iPhone light phone that does almost everything the iPhone does well, only for a fraction of the cost.
HTC is trying to fill that void, and could make some headway in that department as it relates to phones. But even the thought of delivering an unoriginal idea isn't what HTC is about, nor should it be the bankable idea that the company should lean on during a time when it should be at the creative drawing board trying to do more, even with less.
HTC hardly is dead and buried, even if they're not able to compete with Apple and Samsung (Android). They've done their fair share of good things, but this design isn't one of them.

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