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Mom speak: Why parenting is best learned from those who did it

Think about what it must feel like to be a new parent, new mom or new dad.
Naturally, being a new parent is filled with happiness of epic proportions, the kind of enjoyment and constant smiling you experience once in a lifetime. You have this wonderful and amazing bundle of joy literally the palm of your hands, and a new life that will forever be influenced by how you proceed as a parent.
But with that comes great responsibility and perhaps having moments when you're not sure what to do since this is your first go around as a mom or dad officially. Plenty of books, blogs and articles have been written on what to expect, what to do and while those are right there in black and white, sometimes visually speaking is the best resource you could ever have at your disposal.
Of course, that means you could have your parents preach what to do or even come to your aid to show you what to do, step by step, but that isn't going to do you any favors or come in that handy at midnight.k
Enter What's Up Moms, the You Tube Channel that is tracking millions of hits and with plenty of good reason. This online, video advice piques the interest of parents new and old for the simple fact that there's enough facts and figures to keep parents engaged and enlightened, but the What's Up Moms channel doesn't disappoint with being funny, creative and not taking itself too seriously. Parents undoubtedly have lots of "what to do" options, but this one is equal parts hilarity and total tangible facts that can't be ignored and are beyond helpful in the wee hours of the morning.

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Those who created What's Up Moms are the same moms and parents alike who struggled to find out the same issues plaguing parents today. They made it a point to delve deeper into how to parent but also find a way to show it so that it's clear, concise and credible given the source are the same people watching it at that moment. Even more paramount and why What's Up Moms works is that the You Tube channel obviously isn't a one dimensional book that has a title and what is inside written cannot be changed. The video element allows What's Up Moms to make it a point to change content based on what the viewers want and need out of parenting 101.
That alone makes this site a godsend to parents, particularly the ones that are doing this for the very first time.

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