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Cash wow: Is giving cash as gift tacky or tremendous?

Since the episode of "Seinfeld" when Jerry gave Elaine cash as a gift for her birthday, and she reacted in pure terror, I wondered exactly why cash as a gift is looked upon as so bad, even if, in the case of the episode, it was given from boyfriend to girlfriend.
Naturally, cash is perceived as insincere or crass as a gift, particularly in the case of a relationship. Giving a beautiful, sentimental card that is stuffed with 20 dollar bills just reeks of bad taste and a lack of caring quite frankly, as if you're telling them "I don't have any interest in putting in the time or effort to find something to buy with this money, so here you go, have at it on your own."
Gifts between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or between two partners needs to be shrouded in sentimentality and not spewed directly from an ATM machine.
In this case, cash isn't king.
But what about in other situations and scenarios when you're not talking about a love interest but rather uncles to nephews, brothers to sisters or even kids to parents; can cash really be the best gift possible or is it the elephant in the proverbial room in that it still isn't the kind of gift you want to be responsible for giving.

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There's plenty to consider when you decide to give cash versus trying to comb the stores looking for the perfect gift.
First, how well do you know this person who is getting the gift? What is the nature of the relationship?
For instance, if I'm invited to a child's birthday party, I tend to go the route of the gift. He's a kid; handing him a toy at, let's say the age when he still is playing with toys regularly, I'll want to tap into his interests and find the child something in the vein of Iron Man or Frozen.
For a 13 year old, I'm thinking cash all the way. They're at that age when they might want to start saving money or buying what they want. Buying for a newly christened teen ager could turn into a disaster.
Like the situation between uncle and nieces and nephews. I have three nieces; the oldest is 12. I still think she's shopping at Justice, so rather than look foolish when she says it is now American Eagle all the way, I'll just hand her 50 bucks and let that be it. She appreciates it more than me handing her some pre teen, lukewarm gift that is more awkward that amazing.
Consider exactly who you're buying for and exactly how well you know them: using those two factors will never fail you when it comes to choosing cash as the gift or opting for a tangible item or product as a gift.

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