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Loose slips: How to keep work conversations totally professional

Who doesn't want to try to have fun at work or, at the very least, enjoy themselves beyond talk of deadlines, reports, sales figures or anything else that is on your plate?
Keeping things loose at work typically is the definition of an office that treats its workers well and allows them to get their work completed and done right but without too much in the way of having men and women walking on egg shells for the next eight to 10 hours.
But can work be too laid back sometimes?
That could very well be the case in some instances, and it starts with how you communicate to your boss or co workers and making sure you pick just the right words and refrain from things like being too negative or coming up with a great idea and downplaying it as if it isn't good enough, among other things that can go awry at the office.
One of the biggest missteps you can make at the office is when you're presenting information to your boss or perhaps a team and you aren't exactly even sold on your own idea. To be a real life at work superstar, you have to go back to the drawing board and come to the table with an idea that is killer. And if you don't have one, try to add to the conversation or said meeting with at least more than a head nod or something that would be deemed as inconsequential or pointless to make some serious headway to solve the problem or make progress.

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Nothing aggravates a boss more than an employee that is too shy and sheepish when it comes to how they carry themselves. You want to avoid being the type of employee that catch pitch an idea or something that they're thinking without being assertive. Not saying you believe something is going to work and just say it will. Same goes for those employees that are so very sorry all the time, and yet haven't done anything to have those words come out of their mouth.
If you're going to say something, make it count, make it useful and certainly act as though you've been to a meeting of importance rather than as if you really don't belong.
So when you're assigned a project or task, stay away from words like sure thing or that you'll do your best to get it done.
Like the famed quote says, just do it. Choosing your words carefully means so much more to the employees that actually understand that what comes out of their mouth says so much more than just what is being said.

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