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Tummy troubles: How to rid yourself of excess bloating?

How many times have you spent hours in the gym and you can't seem to get rid of that stubborn belly fat and the feeling that you're carrying around more weight than you actually have in your midsection?
Sure, belly fat is definitely for real, and the fat you're carrying around can be described as anything from a "spare tire" to just one too many meals that tasted way too good and failed to actually work against putting weight around your stomach area.
Most of what rids you of excess belly fat has to do more with food and drinks rather than exercise. You can do a hundred sit ups per day, but that creates and builds muscle. The layer of skin that covers those muscles isn't going to go away with just exercise, but rather an intense focus on what you're eating and if you're drinking the right things.
There's a big difference between fat figuring into the equation versus you just being bloated. Those can be easily confused, particularly if your clothes aren't fitting correctly and you just feel lethargic and your belly is blowing out over your pants.
The easiest way to get rid of belly fat is to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. A lack of water coupled with a diet high in fat and sodium is going to make everything look more swollen and larger than it actually is. Sodium is such a difficult element of eating and drinking to completely rid yourself of, but consider not adding extra salt to foods and also from a beverage standpoint, switching from sweetened tea to regular, implementing the always popular and anti bloat drink that is green tea, and eliminating drinks that already carry with them high amounts of sodium like sodas, particularly diet ones.

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Getting rid of bloated stomaches can be somewhat confusing, too, so it is not on just the person. For instance, you're supposed to have a diet high in fiber, even though that can cause bloating. Keep in mind that your diet, if changed drastically from sugary, fatty foods to a high fiber one can cause bloating due to the implementation of something your body isn't accustomed to having in it.
Belly bloating is frustrated, and can at time she painful, but doesn't have to be a deterrent for you to get to the gym, finding healthiness and ultimately slimming down mostly because you just need to eating the foods and drinking the drinks that assist in that.

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