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Shoe Bet Ya: Is Anything More Important Than Comfort When It Comes To Footwear?

As much as style and fashion play into the equation, there's only one correct answer when figuring out what consumers want most out of shoes: comfort.
Regardless if you're a man who is lugging around work boots on a daily basis or a female executive dashing through the streets of 5th Avenue between crosstown meetings in high heels, you want great looking shoes but, more importantly, you still want to have feet that work at the end of the day.
Obviously, high heels give your feet a serious hangover but what about casual, every day shoes for men or women that preserve your peace of mind as well as your feet?
One of the newer fads is the feeling of walking barefoot but still wearing shoes. Women who want something a little more comfortable than high heels can switch gears to one of the KLOGS brands with their shoes featuring "WOW Comfort," which is another way of saying these shoes are sensational and a must have for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. This particular line of "WOW" shoes is incredibly eclectic as far as styles are concerned.
In that same arena for women is the Very Love Soles line of shoes that is footwear with style in mind but mostly wins over the footwear audience with comfort in mind. These shoes are flats, devoid of heels, but still showcase patterns or designs to them that make them equally casual or dressy.

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Don't worry guys, you're up next.
You hate those previously mentioned work boots and you've also got to contend with the confines of dress shoes, too.
How about something that gives you the upscale, casual look you want without relegating your wardrobe to sneakers on a daily basis? If that sounds like you're swimming a bit upstream, you might be right.
Sort of.
SWIMS is all the rage for guys as far as a mesh of fashion and flexibility for the foot. The SWIMS brand dove in head first with the release of its Tassel Loafer to rave reviews. This is no ordinary boat shoe per say but rather a hybrid of sport meeting style. These have the slip on sensibility of a loafer but hardly are lazy; they could easily pass at a quick glance for running shoes.
For something more traditional as far as loafers or slip on dress shoes, you may want to look at a clothing company in this regard. Atelier is adept at not only clothing and accessories but an incredible array of footwear.
Anything short of a shoe that doesn't seamlessly meld comfort and contemporary style should simply be told to take a walk.

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