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Crazy plane: Why flying can be so frustrating

Airlines around the country can't help but be polarizing in how the general public views them.
For starters, flying is marketed as the safest form of travel and that statistically is true. Flying is quick, and once you get on the plane, if you're one of the people who can zone out and sleep or study your way from point A to point B, then you'll choose flying 10 times out of 10.
The rest of us aren't so lucky.
We have to contend with the annoyances of flying, some of which you can't avoid and are just a part of the friendly skies (or in this case non friendly, you suppose). This isn't to suggest that all aspects of flying aren't for everyone. In fact, you might get a string of flights that aren't so bad or perhaps you fly so often and are part of the frequent bunch that little things like someone sleeping on your shoulder for a flight or having onion and feta fajitas next to you is something you're just able to tune out the entire time you're in the air.
Some of us can't. And that, quite frankly, is flying at its worst.

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Let's start with the baggage fees, which some airlines stick with tooth and nail and refuse to get rid of, mostly because it is one of those charges that most just accept as something they'll have to pay. Truth is, try and find a progressive thinking airline that isn't so much as interested in raking you over the proverbial coals.
Those coals are more than remaining luke warm when you talk about prices of tickets, which some airlines aren't ashamed to make as high as possible. Fortunately, when gas prices tank, airlines should react accordingly but not all are so apt to lower cost. That's why shopping around is paramount, and most online deals trump dealing and buying directly from the airlines. Funny thing is, according to some statistics and published reports, some airlines are making it difficult to comparison shop.
But beyond the money and cost involved with flying, both the expected and unexpected, you can't help but be a little upset about the time element that flying brings to the table. Boarding the plane borders on the inane, and why is it that being at the airport 2 hours early is so important when you end up sitting for an hour and a half before getting on the plane, much less the extra time between sitting and actually taking off; yes, it's part of the deal, but certainly could be expedited to make this game faster.
As much as you want to love flying, you can easily make the argument that it is worse for the wear, and you might be that much more apt to pick up your car keys and hit the open road.

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