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Frugal fashion: Looking good never did cost so little

When you think about women's fashion, what comes to mind?
Some of you, who consider fashion irrespective of cost, think about Fashion Week in the major cities, such as Chicago or New York, Los Angeles or other stylish cities as setting the standard for how women are supposed to dress.
Fashion Week tells the world of women's fashion what is en vogue and the do's and don'ts of what not to wear.
But along with the trendy styles of Fashion Week and other trends that are established by designers around the world comes with it plenty of unattainable looks for the general public. Few can afford a dress for $1,000 or a small, pint size style shirt for a few hundred bucks, but that doesn't mean women don't opine for just that piece of for their wardrobe or a pair of pants that can pull together an outfit in just the right way.
Fortunately, even for those without a bottomless purse or life sized wallet, you can still have the styles you want for a fraction of the price. And even thought that phrase sounds more like marketing than real life savings, it's not.

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You just have to know where to look. Far too often, fashion and quality are synonymous with one another. And, for a lot of instances, they are. But clothing that lasts and still fits the model of being fashionable doesn't have to be super expensive.
Online shopping has opened up doors for women who might not want to spend thousands. Sites like tbddress.com, rosegal.com and dressily.com come to the table ready to gobble up revenue and more customers with prices that are jaw droppers, yet are surprisingly durable and well thought of as far as how customers review and perceive them.
Anyone who sees a $5 shirt or a pair of $10 pants immediately conjures up images of those clothes wearing well once and then exploding in the washing machine. Because the cost is so inexpensive, consumers often will take a few washes and not lose much sleep over having to replace low cost clothing.
But the aforementioned web sites don't have that problem. They truly deliver as planned and promise quite the selection of pieces that aren't poised to put you in a financial strain nor become yet another cheap article of clothing that can't withstand a few wears.

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