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Dog sick: How to tell if your dog is sick

If your dog is sick, are you ever truly sure?
Pet owners alike can't always be sure when man's best friend isn't feeling at their best. In fact, a lot of times when your dog doesn't seem like themselves, you chalk it up to simply being lethargic or tired, perhaps they act this way after a walk and you assume that the exercise is the culprit.
But much the same way you'd feel about a loved one if they suddenly seemed exhausted or not themselves, you'd start to question if they weren't feeling well or that they were sick.
Would the same thing pertain to your dog? 
Yes, actually.
Truth be told, if your dog is sick, your pet is going to exhibit certain behaviors and symptoms that would be hard to miss.

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They'll stop eating, for starters and if they're able to eat, they won't be able to hold much food down. They'll not only be super lethargic, but keep on the look out if they aren't interested in what normally made them happy, like the afternoon walk or when company comes over; if the dog suddenly changes their behavior, stops jumping or getting excited when that happens, you might have cause for concern.
Equally troubling and something that most pet owners, quite frankly, don't concern themselves with or pay attention to is bathroom habits and how they've changed for their dog. If your dog starters urinating more frequently or stops going to the bathroom altogether, that could suggest some sort of infection or perhaps a intestinal blockage
Other ailments worth noting is your dog suddenly starts coughing, if they suddenly lose their hair or have trouble breathing or getting up and down without it taking much longer than it should.
If you haven't noticed, how dogs feel is comparable to people as far as the type of symptoms you'd see. You're talking about things that look as though they're out of the ordinary.
You love your dog, and you treat them as one of the family so you'll work quickly to not only get them back to normal but ensure you aren't overlooking the tell tale signs that their not acting normally.

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