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Work weak: Is the 30 hour work week thing of the future?

Who isn't sick of the 40 hour per week grind?
Apparently, you aren't the only one.
A few places of business in Sweden have opted to say so long to the 40 hour work week and instead trimmed 10 hours off that weekly total, thus rendering the average work day to six hours, rather than eight or more.
Granted, no everyone has the luxury of having a job that keeps them within eight hours per day or even 40 per week, but for those workers on a set schedule, what exactly would be so bad with a six hour work day? 
Absolutely nothing, actually. In fact, those who have already started to implement them have found something rather significant has happened.
The employees have gotten, well, better. Companies that are totally enamored and in love with the shorter work days are reporting that their employees are more productive, have better attitudes, and morale is at an all time high. 
For employees, this sort of a change isn't about taking advantage of the perk or overall situation but rather appreciate the gesture of a company that shortens the days and actually cares about the employees and their overall well being. In turn, workers who aren't overworked tend to, not surprisingly, work harder.

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If you're someone who balks at the idea of turning eight hours into six, you obviously have your reasons, and one of which was mentioned earlier. Bosses, owners, CEO's and anyone else who oversees workers assume that once you give them a shorter work week, they'll come to accept that and want more. That isn't always the case, and actually could work in the favor of that hiring manager.
You want the best employees, naturally, so this is the kind of incentive you can dangle to lure the best in the business, similar to what companies like Google and Apple do to ensure they're getting top notch employees.
So if all the top companies are switching to shorter work weeks and experiencing greater results both from how employees are acting and even in the form of better profits, why isn't every company on board?
Hard to say, really, unless going against the norm isn't on the agenda of even the most successful and progressive companies. The reality is this is where the work day is headed. The mentality that the more hours you work, the more productive you are is an idea that is outdated and on its way out the door.

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