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Fixer upper: Why guys need to know how to be handy

For most men, being handy around the house is second nature. For others, it's trying, difficult and typically translates into a lot of home repairs being done by someone else.
So where do you rank on this list?
I know myself, my handiness ends when I put away my cordless power drill slash screwdriver. I can drill a few holes, hang a few photos and have little trouble putting together anything I buy in the form of a TV stand, table and chairs and any sort of storage cube thrown in my way.
I draw the line at installing a dryer cord, anything that has to do with electricity and certainly am not going to try to do home repair that would consist of building a room addition, plumbing or trying to put shingles anywhere near the roof; I'd honestly rather carry them than try to install them. The irony is my dad is a contractor, builds homes for a living, but I never managed to pick up much as far as major repairs or installation of any seriousness.
On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say I'm about a solid 5.

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It's hard to stay where the average man belongs or finds himself on this list, but you have to realize that most men need to know the bare minimum, such as changing lightbulbs, putting a fresh coat of caulking around a tub or being able to take a door off its hinges if you're moving furniture.
As far as plumbing goes, a leaky faucet should be something you can handle, avoiding expensive repairs put forth by a home maintenance professional. Being able to shut off the water, unhook the pipes under the sink and replacing washers or plastic piping itself shouldn't be too difficult, particularly when you consider the bevy of home improvement and do it yourself retailers that try to stock their shelves with not only all you can ask for an more to do a job on your own but also a decent supply of intelligent retail personnel that can assist you.
Being able to lean on them and do a little trial and error on what would be considered the basics isn't too much to ask for the average guy to push through when he's working to fix a few things around the house.
The larger scale items can easily be left to the pros, and that's perfectly fine. You never want to get into a situation where you make the problem or issue at hand worse, and often need to put your male instincts aside when the situation calls for it.

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