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Man scape plan: Are you grooming properly?

On of the more common terms when it relates to men and how they're taking more notice of how they shave, groom and keep their hair, skin and face perfect: say hello to "manscaping."
This term has to do with grooming on the surface as men now aren't ashamed of having manicures, facials or going full blown beyond shaving cream and a razor, and instead are starting to pay close attention to not just washing their face with bar soap and calling it a day.
Sales of men's grooming products has doubled in the last decade, and that's a testament to not only men paying attention to having a specific look but even those men who are growing a huge beard still partake in purchasing beard wash and trimming with purpose.
But are you sure, with all your detail and speciality products, are you sure you're doing it just right, not missing something small or even overlooking a large detail?
As much as men want to perfect the art of keeping their grooming on the up and up, you might want to check your regimen For instance, are you using moisturizer in the evening before bed and in the morning when you shower or wash your face? You can wash, scrub and use all the specialty creams and face washes you want, but moisturizers are going to keep you skin soft and pores healthy and open to avoid building up oil and dirt while you sleep.

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Men also are quick to try and cover up thinning hair in a variety of ways. Aside from investing in a lot of hats, you should embrace your inner balding, and either shave your head or keep your hair really short (if you're thinning and not just completely bald). Hair looks much thinner the longer it gets, so keeping it short is grooming that often is overlooked or goes unnoticed. And as long as you're keeping things short, pay attention to two hairy spots on your body: the hair between your eye brows and on your back. If you are particularly hairy, get rid of the hair in those two spots first, if nothing else. You might decide that the hair on your chest is worth keeping and that's fine, but the back is unnatural to look at as is the Burt and Ernie look of the latter character.
Keeping yourself groomed and looking spotless is paramount in this day and age for the majority of men. The days of women falling for men that are dirty, hairy and don't take care of themselves are just about over. The trick is keeping a balance between too much "manscaping" and the flipside of that: not doing it enough and in the right spots.

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