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Ink blotter: Are you ready to strangle your printer?

As much as technology has changed, some of it has remained stagnant, unchained and still wreaking havoc with our nerves.
No, not that precious cell phone that all of a sudden got "smart," or the tablet you tote around so you can email on the go, check weather and know exactly how many points Tom Brady scored for you on this week's Fantasy Football report.
This anger isn't even directed toward your fancy laptop or gaming PC but rather a piece of that ensemble package that is as disposable as third friend in a buddy action comedy. 
Say hello to the printer.
Wireless or not, the printer is barely passable these days as far as technology and comprehension goes. I recently purchased a wireless printer, Epson, I believe was the name brand, and it took me most of the day to not only set it up but wait for this so called gem that is "wireless" service to kick in while I sat and updated my wireless network preferences enough times to want to say the heck with it and go all "Office Space" on this hunk of junk.
But alas, I work from home and need a printer, something so that I am not constantly clogging up the line at Fed Ex Kinkos to wait to put my debit card into a slot to use their printer, which is unbearably as slow as mine. Nothing like a turnstile type feel to wanting to print a copy of your W2 form to file your taxes, which ends up costing me about a third of what a printer would be to buy in the store.

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At least the printer at Kinkos is functioning however.
So silly me invests in a printer and now it is the world's largest paperweight. I can't get it to connect to my wireless router, and thus I'm hard wiring into it and partying like it is 1995. The only thing missing is the dot matrix sounds of the season or tearing off computer paper like I'm Michael Douglas in Wallstreet.
From error messages to paper jams, I'm about done with printing in general. Turns out, I've developed an affection for scanning documents to my email at work and thus doing most of my business at the office, never to see the four walls of my apartment when it comes to addressing my printing needs.
And with that, the printer is put to bed for good, at least in my eyes and as far as I'm concerned.

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