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Vocal discord: Why canceling cable is getting that much easier

As streaming services begin to expand beyond Netflix and Hulu, you'd believe wholeheartedly that the cable and satellite companies would be getting a bit concerned.
Perhaps even some of that trepidation would result in better pricing, customer service on the rise or even the courtesy of not making you wait for a four hour window for a service call.
In actuality, nothing has happened of the kind.
Cable, namely the likes of Comcast, Verizon FIOS and Direct TV, aren't doing much in the wake of customers being ready to cut the cord for good and move directly into a scenario that would have all the entertainment streaming directly to their at home devices through the likes of the aforementioned Netflix and Hulu, along with other contenders such as your favorite channels like ESPN and HBO wanting to offer the ability to consumers to watch shows via streaming on their networks, without having to have cable at a fixed, monthly price.
Yet cable and dish sit and watch, and Comcast especially isn't overly concerned despite cancellation being up. But Comcast, which often finds itself on the list of the most hated companies in the world, doesn't make canceling easy or fun. And, why exactly would they anyway? That's money out the door, and that still should mean something to the largest communications company in the world.

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Trying to cancel your cable isn't exactly something on the top of everyone's to do list, and one web site, Airpaper, took notice. They're offering customers $5 to cancel cable for you. They'll circumvent the phone call that you don't want to make and send a letter and take the process out of your hands completely.
Not surprisingly, the new web site was christened with a crowd of people that is overflowing Airpaper. That is a result of the convenience but you'd think mostly because people don't like Comcast and are tired of huge cable bills. That combination typically leaves customers just accepting the fact that paying for cable is just something everyone has to do, and then do nothing to change one month after another, paying in upwards of $200 per month.
Maybe Airpaper can help the cause, in conjunction with streaming services and Comcast continuing to take customers for granted and treating them as though they'll never leave.
Now, they not only have the incentive to do so but the means to say so long to cable for good.

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