Three worst movies that made money

10/08/15 by Rennie Detore

Some movies surprise us. They aren't meant to do well, but they not only come to the table with critical praise but actually score big with audiences commercially.
Quite simply, they make money.
The flip side to the magic that is the silver screen are films that are panned critically and even audiences aren't quite as enamored with them, but that doesn't prevent them from earning millions domestically and billions worldwide.

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And yet no one can figure that out.
In some instances, you'll see a lot of success that is bred out of nostalgia or franchises that have done well in prior movies, years previously of course, and that fan base doesn't waiver and will essentially go to see anything with that name attached to it. In other cases, the movie is poorly acted but is filled with graphics and CGI that is awe inspiring to the eye, even though your brain is hardly intrigued. In any event, these movies are tough to get through but somehow find themselves on the top of the highest grossing list of films.
Avatar: Some people love this movie, and visually it is stunning, but it was too long and hardly is going to be one that is memorable or unforgettable. The land of blue people left me feeling ice cold when I left the theater and haven't had any inclination to watch it again, unlike the other notable movie from Avatar director James Cameron, "Titanic." As successful as "Avatar" was, there still hasn't been a sequel, which says a lot about a movie that made that much money but yet the need or want for a second film just isn't there.
Phantom Menace: Awful, plain and simple. It was cartoonish, boring and, had this not been a "Star Wars" movie, would have completely killed the franchise. The movie dragged, the characters uninspired, and George Lucas should be ashamed of this prequel. Fans waited nearly 20 years for another "Star Wars" movie after "Return of the Jedi," and Phantom Menace hardly delivered. The only reason anyone saw it was the drought between the aforementioned movies and that the fans of "Star Wars" will never leave the franchise, no matter how bad the movies are.
Grown Ups: Adam Sandler is a movie star, and no one is sure why. His movie are historically bad, but he's managed to make money with his brand of humor that is stupid funny. Lately, Sandler isn't doing so well and his career has essentially started to plummet. The one bright spot commercially for Sandler was "Grown Ups," a movie that looks like it was written over the weekend and stars his old SNL buddies, minus Kevin James. The jokes all feel like they're only funny to the stars, and the audience is left to figure out the humor or laugh at the stupidity that is Rob Schneider and his toupee or a bug light they cook bacon on. Hilarious, right?

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