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Slim frowned: Why new diet Pepsi won't point needle in right direction

What does a reputable, smart company do when one of their products start to falter? 
They change it.
And that is what PepsiCo, better known as Pepsi, did as it relates to Diet Pepsi, one of their more recognized names and brands. Diet soda sales in general are way down, and Diet Pepsi is no different.
Recent stories have argued that the now remade Diet Pepsi and its sales are still sluggish and early reports back on taste haven't been favorable. The reason for the change is aspartame, the controversial artificial sweetener that has been linked to anything from stomach and digestive issues to cancer.
Now, Diet Pepsi uses Splenda, a dubbed less polarizing piece of the ingredients, essentially an artificial sweetener that isn't "as bad" as aspartame. The truth is Splenda isn't so much better than aspartame as far as artificially sweeteners are concerned, and using Splenda hasn't exactly done wonders for this new and so called improved Diet Pepsi.
Most have reported back that they don't like the new taste of Diet Pepsi, which undoubtedly harkens back to other attempts by soft drink companies to change the taste to no avail. Consumers tend to have a mantra they love to stick with: leave well enough alone.

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Although that often is true, PepsiCo and its diet drink sales aren't doing so hot, so a change was in order.
PepsiCo isn't panicking about the poor reviews, but you have to wonder if the drop in Diet Pepsi sales coupled with this would be failed attempt isn't going to send Pepsi back to the drawing board.
Perhaps PepsiCo underestimated consumers not wanting to drink soda with the "diet" label. Aspartame and Splenda hasn't done much to help their causes with all the side effects, and you'd like to believe a better educated set of customers might be more inclined to actually drink healthier options, such as water mostly. It's not as if aspartame or Splenda and other artificial sweeteners can hide just how bad they are for you body. In addition to the aforementioned side effects, artificial sweeteners actually make you gain weight, and that just doesn't fly with the whole "diet" soda deal.
PepsiCo certainly has the clout and means to pull the plug on this new Diet Pepsi, but it sounds like they're going to give it a chance. Even with Splenda, nothing super seems to be coming out of this latest attempt to spike sales.

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