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Boss manned: Does you boss really even like you?

Spending 40 plus hours per week at work can be taxing. That fact is especially true if your boss simply doesn't like you.
At all. Not one bit.
This, however, is the type of issue that isn't a one and done, go home at the end of the day and forget about it misstep. No, we're talking about all day, every day, knowing that your boss just doesn't like you and, worse yet, doesn't trust you or see you as an employee that is going to go any further than they are or perhaps might be on their way out the door.
It wouldn't be out of the question for a supervisor or boss to dislike you so much that they might be inclined to say so long quickly if you botch a project or just don't seem to be doing your work all that well.
The one caveat in the discussion is just that: if you're an employee who does well at their job and knows it in and out, you might get a pass. Your boss has only so much sway as far as getting rid of you, so the best medicine might be just to put your head down, keep succeeding and doing what you're doing and hope that the rough waters between you and the head honcho slowly start to settle.

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But the only problem with that is you don't want to go to work to a job you enjoy, yet struggle with an atmosphere that isn't conducive to truly thriving in the workplace. You might, however, as the question or wonder aloud if your boss truly doesn't like you specifically or maybe they're just not the buddy, buddy type at the office anyway.
Is it all in your head?
Well, a few things you can look for are obvious. If your boss doesn't put you on any assignments that are make or break ones for the company or they don't really look at you when they talk or prefer to not even have any face to face interaction with you at all and instead opt for email or informal means of communication, you're probably right with your thoughts.
Furthermore, your boss' lack of interest in you also can show up in the form of getting work to do that is impossible to complete or is so detailed and above your pay grade, you aren't going to do well or finish it. Not even close.
Those subtle and not so subtle signs should tell you that the boss isn't a fan of yours. How you handle it depends on if you're fine being the office punching bag or you'd rather just bag the job all together and eventually move on permanently.

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