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Love live: Why SNL needs to remain polarizing entity

At different points in the last four decades, "Saturday Night Live" ranged between passable to poignant and everything in between.
In some instances, SNL spoke to the world, and they were the standard bearers on taking world news and making it their own, and giving it the kind of skew that was equal parts laugh but with something very important to say.
Other times, SNL was more gimmicky and mundane, when characters and catch phrases often played more than trying to be funny and contemporary.
The newest season of SNL seems to be headed more toward relevancy than it has been in recent years. Now granted, SNL shouldn't be devoid of laughs or all of a sudden turn into "Meet The Press," but that doesn't mean it can't take pot shots or jabs at serious issues with more of a serious tone, while still being tongue firmly planted into their cheek.
This past week, Amy Schumer told tall as the host of the show and the program hit more than just a few nerves. The show took on everything from the Kardashians and that family to gun control.

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The key isn't so much avoidance of topics that could get the show in hot water depending on how it is said or done, but rather just having a voice at all. SNL gets a pass a lot as far as joking about the seriousness of a topic.
What they did, for instance, in taking a jab at gun control was funny and yet still had a message behind it that perhaps the world needed to hear. They gave an opinion, wrote it out the way it was exactly intended to be taken.
And that is perfectly fine with SNL. At least it should be with the show, producers, writers and the cast, along with anyone else involved. The whole goal of SNL has always been to say what others are afraid to do but with laughter being the best way to masque being under too much fire.
And even if they are, so what? Free speech and saying how you feel as part of entertainment is what variety shows like SNL should be built on, and that's what the show was born out of and boasted from time to time.
Let's hope this is the SNL rebirth that some of us have been waiting years to see come to fruition. Hosts like Schumer are a good place to start, since she isn't afraid to pull any punches. Now, let's hope SNL continues to hit the right buttons, too.

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