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Tongue Tied: Warding Off Bad Breath Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

In the midst of a conversation, your would be poker face folds rather quickly.
A friend, coworker or family member is relaying a particular story, but you simply can't ignore what's right in front of your face: their bad breath.
But ironically you have to be the one to hold your tongue and muster enough courage to not cave with facial expressions that truly tell the horror you're experiencing: eyes squinting, moving your hand to and from your nose to subtly waive away that smell or simply looking away while the other person is talking.
Then, there's being on the other side of the chronic halitosis coin.
You're on a date, job interview or enjoying the friend confines of a holiday party and the same aforementioned facial expressions you made are now being mirrored by the person you're talking to; suddenly, fear sets in and you quickly reach for a mint or gum in the hopes that those side kicks can somehow turn back the hands of time.

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No such luck.
Bad breath is incredibly problematic and something that most who suffer from it overlook, mostly because no one stops to tell them the truth. But deep down, within the confines of your inner psyche, you know that it is something you have and want rid of as soon as possible.
Getting rid of bad breath, despite what some may believe, isn't difficult and takes just a few minor adjustments throughout the course of your daily routine.
Dr. Kevin Sands is a cosmetic surgeon for celebrities, and he's quick to point out one of the easier ones: not brushing or flossing enough. If you're a "brush before bed" kind of guy or gal, then that's simply not getting it done. Pack yourself a mini toothbrush and paste and brush after each meal. Not only will this tame your tartar buildup but also slowly put you back on the close talker map.
Dry mouth is another major reason so many suffer from bad breath; you're nighttime slumber is killing your saliva production, so try a dehumidifier at night and make sure you're properly hydrated as well. Food is a cause of bad breath but more than just midday sandwiches filled with garlic or onions. Certain foods break down in your bloodstream, and the result is bad breath personified. Eating more carbohydrates will help, and that morning glass or orange juice or Vitamin C in general is a winner for stinky, smelly breath; just don't drink the OJ after brushing your teeth.
Only minor modifications make the difference between people keeping their distance from you or you putting your best breath forward. The latter certainly sounds and smells a lot better.

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