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Ford focus: Should Harrison Ford still play iconic Jones character?

When is enough, enough?
That questions lands squarely on the shoulders of mega movie director Steven Spielberg and his latest announcement regarding a fifth Indiana Jones movie. Spielberg went on to say that Harrison Ford will indeed play the title role again.
While the movie doesn't have a script nor is Ford saying anything regarding the subject, the idea of Ford reprising the role is worth talking about if it eventually (and seems to be) comes to fruition.
Ford is 73 years old. When the fourth movie came out 7 years ago, the general consensus from the public was the then 66 year old Ford was too old for the role. He managed to pull it off quite well but one would have assumed that the fourth movie would be Ford' final, at least as far as playing the title role.
Speculation ran rampant as actors starting to hear themselves linked to the role of playing Indiana Jones, none quite as promising as the rising star who is Chris Pratt. Pratt scored major bucks and points for outstanding performances in Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy, and he was linked to Indiana Jones, specifically playing the role of Ford's Jones.

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While it is hard to imagine anyone but Ford playing Jones, Pratt would work. He has that hard to resist comedic timing and dry delivery that made Ford work so well as both Indiana Jones and Hans Solo. Incidentally, Ford is back in the latest Star Wars flick set for release in December, "The Force Awakens."
Ford goes back to his second (or arguably first) most famous role as the wise cracking Solo, only this time Hans is supposed to be older in this one. That's why watching Ford as his Star Wars character works.
Ford as Jones is going to be a tough sell, even though it is his role to give up. Ford passing the torch on to someone like Pratt would be well received and show that Ford would rather not take a role that might seem a bit out of his league at the moment. That isn't to suggest Ford can't do it at his age, but the franchise should either stop at the 4th one or completely go in a different direction.
Fans undoubtedly will rush to the theater to see Indiana Jones 5, with Ford as their leading man. Whether they believe it beyond the nostalgia is anyone's guess, but that seems quite of a reach.

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