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Tired eyes: Why you're sabotaging your workout

Have you ever tried to exercise and just, at the end of the day, felt like it was more of a struggle than it had to be?
You might want to blame that on being tired, disinterested or just having a bad day at work, but what if it is more than that? Perhaps you're underestimating the other "little things" you're doing (or not doing) as part of your day that is indirectly sabotaging your workout.
First, do you get enough sleep? Not sleeping enough is a sure fire exercise killer. You'll feel lethargic due to lack of sleep, and might assume that the sleeping shortcoming is why you need to go to the gym (for more energy), but that isn't enough to combat having a poor workout because you're tired.
Weights feel heavier, the treadmill run feels longer and everything in between is pure exhaustion.
In addition to that, you'll hear various comments from personal trainers and so called experts that tell you to eat before you workout. Others say, you shouldn't. The truth is you need energy to exercise, so eating is a definite, along with drinking plenty of water. The water helps you focus and function as part of a workout, and the food does the same. Those who eat a buffet style meal a half an hour before an intense Cross Fit workout are the ones with their heads rightfully buried in a garbage can.

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You want to stick with carbohydrates for energy, but to a lesser degree than bagels, pancakes and everything else in between.
Some of the more adept exercisers also do something that the smart ones follow on a regular basis: know exactly what they're doing when they arrive at the gym or health club. They have a plan that includes stretching (a key to avoiding injury but also keeping loose and gaining strength, mass or a leaner look), but also keep a notebook or journal of what they're doing and then do something different the next time around for the variety that keeps giving you results.
Staying focused also includes having a workout partner to keep you accountable or a trainer, although that isn't the most cost effective means for most.
Your workout time is yours, and often is hard to come by with so much going on, so that is all the more reasons to make it count with keeping on point with what goes on beforehand.

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