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Joke faced: Why Kardashian response to SNL jab is laughable

Amy Schumer recently hosted "Saturday Night Live" and her opening monologue featured a joke in the direction of the Kardashians.
Schumer doesn't mince words, for anyone who has seen her Comedy Central show, "Inside Amy Schumer," nothing is off limits.
Apparently, neither was the Kardashian clan.
Schumer made reference to the Kardashian's that they aren't exactly the best role models for young women, calling out how they've assumably had enough plastic surgery for the entire world. Schemer went on to dish out some jabs at Khloe, who has lost weight and no longer, for lack of a better term, is the "lesser" of the three sisters.
Khloe responded that she doesn't care for being put down or something along those lines, and her retort to Schumer was perfectly fine, tasteful and, in fact, warranted to some degree.

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What really is bothersome about the entire back and forth isn't so much on Schumer. She's a stand up comedian, writer and has somewhat free reign on what she ays or doesn't say. If she wants to pony up and poke fun at the Kardashian's, that is her prerogative.
It also is part of the deal for the Kardashian's.
Since when are celebrities off limits for being joked about or in the direction of? Are the Kardashian's that worried about their public images that they can't take a joke from Schumer?
Truthfully, the Kardashian's set themselves up for most of what comes their way. Unlike most famous people, not one of the Kardashian's are famous for any particular reason. What has always bothered most about this family is that they're famous for not being famous.
They have never done anything other than carry a last name to really substantiate their fame. They're socialites, they attend parties, they call TMZ and other news outlets and tell them where they'll be so they can be photographed and then act like they're surprised or annoyed by the paparazzi.
They own clothing lines and have some of the worst television ever to grace the airwaves, and they're only claim to their celebrity status is existing.
Yes, they're easy targets but they need to learn to take their medicine if they're going to be the ubiquitous group that prances around social media and does nothing but take photos and do specials on the E! Network. That's not to say they can't defend themselves like Khloe did, but stop acting like you're above being the butt of jokes.

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