Flip to be tied: Was there anything wrong with Bautista's bat flip?

10/16/15 by Rennie Detore

Jose Bautista sent his Toronto Blue Jays into the American League Championship Series with one swing of the bat. He sent the sports world into a tizzy with one flip of the bat, too.
Yes, every journalist and sports purist is having quite the fit after Jose didn't just flip his bat, he tossed it like a javelin after hitting a three run bomb that broke open the game for the Blue Jays and sent their opponent, the upstart Texas Rangers, home for the season.
In the heat of the moment, Bautista flipped his bat in what can only be described as pure pandemonium, and certain people within the sport are having a hard time with what they saw.

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It's disrespectful to the game.
It makes the pitcher look bad.
He's arrogant and doesn't care about his teammates.
All of those comments have their fair share of credibility, but seem a bit off based given the circumstances of the game and exactly what was at stake.
Look, Bautista's bat flip should have caused a stir if this was game 80 of 162 or just another Sunday afternoon at the ballpark.
It wasn't. This was a chance to get to the championship in the American League and one step closer to the world series. Are we really gonna start giving guys grief for getting caught up in the moment of professional sports?
We tend to get so wrapped up in tradition that we can't celebrate a moment of that magnitude. You have to chuckle a little at the ego that baseball purists have about the sport. Again, if Bautista is doing this in a game with little or no meaning or if the Blue Jays were in the midst of getting blown out, then that's beyond ridiculous.
The guy let his emotions get the better of him. So what; that shows passion, and a want to simply win.
These are the same writers and announcers that can't handle an end zone celebration in the midst of winning a playoff game or Super Bowl on a last second touchdown. If that touchdown dance comes in Week 4 of a 1 p.m. game, then it is foolish.
Aside from the mundane and rudimentary games and focusing more on the ones that matter, you can't get to bent out of shape about a player who reacts at the very second when he's made history.
Those who do aren't enjoying the game for what it is: entertainment and showmanship at its finest. What Bautista did wasn't disrespectful; it was a player pinning his heart on his sleeve and reacting the way anyone else could when they just won a meaningful game.

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