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Car parting: How to scare away car salespeople for good

When it comes to sales people, those who dabble in moving as many cars as possible tend to get the worst wrap of them all.
Although that stereotype isn't always accurate, as you'll find more good than bad these days, the consumer still needs to head into the dealership looking for the best deal but also armed with exactly what to say to be the one in control.
Most of what ails customers is the add ons that plague the post sales chatter. You tend to get bombarded with rust proofing (do they still do that?), extra warranties and just about anything else that can sell you to tact on more money to the payment and get additional cash on hand for services or support that you really don't need.
At all. Ever.
Most newer cars have more than adequate warranties, so the idea of getting something above that has become outdated.

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As far as the actual car sale, a lot of car buyers go in knowing what they want their monthly payment to be, and use that number as a negotiating point. That isn't the smart, wise move. Smart, savvy car sales people know how to maneuver to get you the number you want, mostly by extending the term
You also don't want to be so quick to bite on their trade in number. They might make the trade in look better than it is, because the retail value of the car, truck or SUV is much higher than what it would be elsewhere.
Dealerships tend to manipulate the number to the point that they make your 1999 Pontiac Sun Fire look like it's worth thousands but the car your about to buy is terribly overpriced. You want to go in with a realistic trade in value in your mind and see that number in black and white, along with having your new car priced as well.
The other huge elephant in the showroom is simply saying "no." As much as you love that new car smell and the shiny, newer than what you have, enticing option, you can't jump into a purchase if you haven't done your research and are certain you're getting the best deal. Loyalty to the dealership or salesperson isn't enough to keep you dishonest to yourself.
Finding the perfect car is easy. Finding the dealership that you can take control of the sale isn't quite as simple.
Most of it lies in your lap.

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