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Flying High: Ditch The Tight Quarters And Spend A Few Bucks For First Class Or Privacy Flights

Flying first class or within the confines of a private jet flight makes you feel like a million bucks, but is it going to cost about that much, as well?
That leads to another question: Is flying first class really worth the additional cost?
No one is going to argue that first class flying feels like you're getting the extended royal treatment in comparison to coach, a hard line, herd like approach to travel that packs you in as tightly as possible and gives you the sensation you're being whisked away on a business trip or vacation within the confines of a tuna can.
First class lives up to its namesake with everything from more leg room and wider seats, which may sound petty but is incredibly practical and just flat out makes for a better, more comfortable flight. Now, if you're flying for 45 minutes or an hour from Pittsburgh to Atlantic City, then you should be just fine sucking it up in coach.
Longer flights demand less resistance and more splurging on your part. In the long run, it will be well worth the cost versus the convenience. Take into consideration as well that not only is there more room to stretch out or sleep, but the food, entertainment and a quieter atmosphere suddenly has you wavering toward first class and starting your slow decent to the front of the plane.

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First class certainly comes with its negatives, too. The first and probably most significant is the cost. If you're not willing to spend more or simply don't have the extra cash, then coach may be your only alternative. That being said, this is the day and age of the internet and discounts galore. Savvy shoppers and travelers alike often share stories of getting free first class trips or upgrades like they are old war buddies sharing traveling secrets like it is recalling Vietnam.
Those accustomed to first class that want that little something extra could go the route of membership based flying plans through private jets. Although this sounds like it would put first class to shame as far as not only accommodations but also price, it doesn't. Private jet flights and first class are about the same as far as costs go, although the private route appeals mostly to those who travel extensively for it to be worth the investment.
JumpJet showcases probably the most complete, extensive and remarkable membership option for private jet flying, with various priced plans based on your travel needs as well as a competent web site that mirrors other airlines as far as booking flights.
Bearing the annoyance of coach or traveling in less than admirable quarters isn't ideal. If you're a frequent flyer and spend a good bit of time on a plane, the best option is to embrace the easiest path from point A to be B and either go private or first class as a rule of thumb.

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