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Chipping away: Why identity theft still runs rampant amidst upgraded technology

Avoiding identity theft, say a decade ago, hardly was the heartburn it is today.
Ten years ago or longer, identity theft often consisted of simply losing your wallet and someone having access to credit cards or bank information, and you could argue that the identity theft that exists today was in its infancy stages.
Fast forward to 2015 and likely beyond, and identity theft is a hot button topic of epic proportions.
New technology, including the imbedded chip in debit and credit cards that allow you to avoid swiping your card at retailers and instead inserting it into the same machine, still isn't a full proof, fell safe as far as keeping your money with you, and your identity safe.
Some consumers will invest in a company that tracks your identity and makes certain that if something is awry that you'll be the first to know about it, and the theft that is about to occur can be nipped in the bud.

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But beyond technology and spending more money on protecting yourself, what else can you do to fend off hackers and make sure you don't have to go through the headache that is identity theft?
One of the more common missteps and mistakes people make is assuming it can't happen to them. First off, it can. Secondly, you're probably make a few faux pas every day that is putting you at a higher risk that those who are a little more aware or have already had it happen to them once previously.
Do you avoid public internet and WiFI service on your phone and computer? Hopefully, you do because that medium is an internet hacker and identity theft gateway right into all of your pertinent information, whether you're ordering a sweater for your aunt or checking your online banking statements from a WiFi connection that isn't password protected.
And speaking of online shopping and accessing your email or anything else that you have to create a password for, always remember that little notice that asks if you want to save your password, your answer is always the same.
No. Not once. Not for this site. Never.
In addition, online shopping is super convenient but also plagues those who have their identities stolen. Make sure if you shop online, a good tip is to avoid sites that start with just http; you should be looking for the 's" at the of those letters.
Anything that feels shady or just not right as far as entering personal or pertinent information is a sure fire sign you're putting yourself at risk. You can't rely solely on technology to bail you out; a lot of it has to come from your decision making as well.

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