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Food nuts: Why some foods are healthier than you think

Every wonder why snacking gets such a bad wrap?
Even the word "snack" conjures up such a negative connotative meaning, mostly because snacking often is thought to be a bag of potato chips, chocolate bars, candy, cookies or anything that is high in fat or calories and equally high on your list of things you want when you say to yourself "I want a snack."
But what if snacking didn't have to be so bad? What if snacking could actually mean you are going to eat something good for you that is still tasty but isn't necessarily something like a piece of fruit or a side salad, hardly what you would consider a spur of the moment, sit and relax or on the go snack that fits the mold of needing something that isn't so exponentially healthy.
Sometimes we forget that healthy food can also taste good, too.
Think of the last time you sat down and watched a movie. Chances are you didn't cut up apple slices or say "man, do I need a pear while I'm watching this Matt Damon movie."

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No, you probably had some customary movie popcorn at your disposal, and you felt terrible about it in the morning after you engulfed an entire bag to yourself (although you probably enjoyed the Matt Damon movie, right?).
Turns out, popcorn is hardly bad for you in the epic sense of having Pringles or Cheetos in its place. Popcorn that is air popped and not dripping with fake butter or loaded with salt that you add on your own actually has some fiber content to it, which makes it a healthy, low fat alternative to the aforementioned salty snacks that also have a lot of fat in them.
And even though chocolate often is synonymous with negativity as far as snacking goes, a little piece of dark chocolate or even a glass of red wine after work is going to be filled with antioxidants in them to help your immune system and stave off infection.
As with any snack, you have to preach moderation as the main course. You can't have two dark chocolate bars and assume that all is well, but a piece or two a few times per week isn't going to bombard and blow away your diet or hopes of losing weight. Wine in glasses every day won't do you any favors, either, but a glass here and there is heart healthy and helpful to your immunity.
Take snacking for what it can be, not the perception. The right food and drinks can turn snacking into something sensational in between meals.

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