Pump the breakfast: Why McDonald might live to regret breakfast decision

10/18/15 by Jackie Russo

As the chants from consumers cry out "we want breakfast all day" as it pertains to McDonald's and its menu, those same customers still are crying but for much different reasons.
Now that McDonald's is offering breakfast for the entire day, consumers aren't exactly overflowing with optimism or positive responses or the kind of fanfare that the Golden Arches would have wanted.
You might say McDonald's has a little egg on its face, right?

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So the scoop is that McDonald's and those within the company are loving it; breakfast all day in their eyes has helped bring in new customers and, in its infancy stages, is doing exactly what they had hoped it would.
On the restaurant level and as far as customers are concerned, all day breakfast is a bust.
For now, at least.
Customers aren't exactly enamored or impressed with what can only be described as a limited menu and reports from a variety of locations that the quality of the breakfast items pale in comparison to ordering them during the morning hours.
The idea behind McDonald's offering all day breakfast was supposed to be built around adding variety to the menu and smiles to the faces of their customers. McDonald's and its revenue has been waning and that has translated into the company undoubtedly scrambling for ideas.
The all day breakfast was supposed to conceptually add to a menu throughout the day that was desperately in need of a boost. That boosts wasn't a new product but rather extension of what they already offer.
Instead what has transpired are McDonald's managers and franchisees scrambling around trying to make this all day breakfast concept work. What has transpired are stores through the world commenting loudly back to corporate that they're not selling as much money per customer and service has come slowed considerably.
Those within McDonald's, at first glance likely thought this would add to the overall value of what they offer. But even the average business person would have seen that by infusing the foods and drinks from breakfast into lunch is going to clog up what is supposed to be a fast food line of service. Eggs next to hamburger patties, fries swimming around near hash browns and the list goes on and on. Workers in the kitchen no longer have 10 items to worry about for lunch and dinner times, but have added another five to seven on that list.
That might not sound like much, but consider the hustle and bustle that is McDonald's at noon or 5 p.m.
Pulling the plug on breakfast isn't going to happen, but trying to recover from this decision might be more difficult than imagined.

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