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Firing squad: How to find new job if you're fired

Have you ever been fired from a job?
If so, you realize that being fired can sometimes be quite the blow to your career or trying to get back on track and into the job market.
Plenty of would be employers, if not all of them, are going to ask about your previous employer and why you "left" the job.
What lies between you and employment again really boils down to your handle the subsequent interview process and whether you're one of those people who try to ignore it or have the kind of full disclosure that you really don't need.
The trick is to finding a path to employment is more about handling the issue head on and only saying what needs to be said and nothing more. You don't want to be overly vague and you certainly don't want to take the route of bashing your former employee.

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Taking out your frustration on your past job isn't what a prospective employer wants to hear but rather some semblance of a reason why the job didn't pan out or what the "firing" was predicated on.
Instead, focus on what you did right, your accomplishments, goals you set forth and reached and exactly what your objective at the current job is going to be. You have to remember that the job interview goals don't change just based on how you left your previous job.
Your last job wasn't all bad, right?
You may have picked up some positivity or a contact that can vouch for what you've done there and won't spend too much time on the negativity or reasons why you were asked to leave. Finding a reference is key, someone you can direct a potential employer too if they're on the fence about how talented and proficient you are but just can't get past the whole "being fired" aspect of your career.
One thing you definitely want to do before you pursue a new job after being released from the old one unceremoniously is not rush into another job. Yes, money is of the essence but that doesn't mean you have to make a poor decision on where you want to go from this point.
Far too often, those who are fired rush to judgment and the wound of being canned is too fresh and they're apt to say the wrong things in an interview.
No one ever wants to be fired; that doesn't sit well with any sort of professional person, but thinking you can't recover from it also is far too unrealistic.

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