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Super machine: Why the original NES still stands tall

From Xbox 360 to Playstation 4, today's gaming consoles easily trump anything that has ever come before it.
But nostalgia often trumps all as it relates to toys and games, and that is ever so apparent as the 30 something nerds of the world celebrate the inception of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, better known as the NES.
The "original" Nintendo as it was called as well arrived in the United States three decades ago and celebrates its 30th birthday to what can still be considered rave review and passionate fans who adored this system and still arguably believe it has more than just a few redeeming qualities.
Fans of that generation enjoyed everything from Contra to Double Dragon, Tecmo Bowl to RBI Baseball and favorites like Pitfall and Pinball, and the Nintendo Entertainment System for its time period was revolutionary and did wonders for the Nintendo Brand and at home gaming in general.
Around that time, playing video games at home consisted of the very mundane, the basic and bare minimum. Most kids of that generation spent most of their time at arcades, these now archaic areas in malls and surrounding areas that had giant sized video games for kids to pump quarters into and spend more than just a few weeks of saved up allowance.

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The Nintendo Gaming System changed the landscape of how kids play games, and after 10 years being sold, the system sold in upward of 30 million units, hardly anything to sneeze at given that Nintendo wasn't all that confident that the system would survive.
Not only did it survive, it thrived.
Even in 2015, 30 years after the fact, the gaming system still piques the interest of gamers. Sure, they have their Xbox or PS 3 or 4 and the graphics clearly blow away the original Nintendo, but that isn't why fans of video games still gravitate toward it.
What old school gamer hasn't broken out the NES system for a season of Tecmo Bowl or RBI baseball. The graphics almost ironically are refreshing given that everything looks so real. Sometimes, a few block shaped football or baseball player beats seeing the digital version of Alex Rodriguez that looks like a carbon copy of the real guy.
The NES isn't making a comeback but you can't help but give it the slow clap, a round of applause or the praise it deserves as the forefather of sitting at home and playing your favorite video games.

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