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Thrifty Thinking: Buying Second Isn't All Bad

No one ever wants to be called cheap. But the word "thrifty" doesn't carry quite the same connotative meaning.
In fact, "thrifty" often equates to those consumers who are savvy, headstrong and always looking for the best deal possible. If that's the case, why are thrift type stores often frowned upon if you're in the market for a gift?
The sentiment of that statement often is directly related to the type of thrift or second-hand store you visit. The quality, selection and overall condition of the items within the store, and the store itself, can dictate just exactly what you can expect to buy, as well as the reception you'll receive from the recipient.
Modern day thrift shops certainly have experienced a surge in popularity and sales, and that's not just because of the aptly titled pop song. Reputable thrift stores take in gently used items, the type of products that could easily be passed off as new. Some would even argue that those same products should be described more as antique in nature, rather than simply labeling them "used."
The term "used" sounds like the item is worn out or is haggard in nature, which isn't always the case. As far as the brand names available at thrift stores, customers might be surprised to find that a good portion of them sport some of their favorites: American Eagle, True Religion and products you'd find at retailers such as Macys.

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Epic Thrift is one of the truest examples of all of the aforementioned characteristics for thrift stores: clean, respectable and filled to the brim with brands that you know and love. In addition to delivering second hand superiority, they're an extremely charitable bunch.
On that same note comes an online entity as far as gently used clothing: Schoolastitch.com. Sporting some similar traits to thrift stores, Schoolastich.com takes in clothing from parents and offers them to another set of parents who can't afford necessarily to buy new. Every purchase carries not only major discounts up front but also donations to schools across the country as part of the transaction.
Schoolastitch.com assures those who buy from their web site, whether you're a parent shopping for school clothes or just buying a gift for nieces, nephews or cousins, that they're clothing and other products have been looked over numerous times and aren't worn, faded or unacceptable in its overall appearance.
With stores like Schoolastich.com and Epic Thrift, the pendulum of positivity is slowly swinging back in favor of thrift stores as realistic shopping options for consumers and, most important, allowing a larger market to enjoy remarkable products without breaking or compromising their budget.

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