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Retail me not: Why physical stores are adding incentive to not shop online

Remember when Black Friday was a mad dash on stores, brick and mortar buildings, long lines at 4 a.m. or a log jam at the doors when they finally opened.
And while Black Friday still ranks as one of the busier shopping days of the year, one element of buying has bested the idea of getting up and going to the store.
And that is shopping online.
Shopping online reeks of convenience, the ability to sit on your couch, avoid the craziness of Black Friday and holiday shopping in general and get exactly what you want. Being able to do it with your sweatpants and ball cap on is a bonus.
The heavy hitter stores like the Target and Macy's of the world, Wal Mart and Best Buy included, tend to want the best of both worlds. They push the online market but also have to be careful that they do the hard sell for getting customers up, out of bed and into the stores to spend money. The in store spending typically leads to more money and bigger ticket sales for stores, given that once you're in the environment of the moment, in the midst of all that merchandise, you'll have a tendency to perhaps spend more than you would if you had your wits about you and buying online.

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So the physical stores are trying to focus on that part of the selling and buying more so, just by adding some minor and major incentives to get consumers coming in droves. Local shopping malls are going "old school" of sorts by offering free gift wrapping for instance, not something that is going to cost a lot or put in a lot of man hours or wages, but just something to add to the experience.
And that really is what shopping malls, stores and other physical stores are trying to create: a shopping experience, the one that existed before point and click came to fruition. In addition, some stores of course can put their money where their mouths are in the form of better coupons or deals, perhaps even going even older school by sending them in the mail.
You remember the mail, right? That's almost as archaic as those strip malls we hear so much about these days.
The truth is the ultimate goal is revenue for the only season in retail that matters: the holidays. That said, the stores walk that fine line between online and in store and the focus on the latter is paramount to the success of the season.

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