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Future is now: Thirty years after Back to the Future, what actually is real?

"Back to the Future" was all the buzz recently since the movie, the original and first installment, celebrated its 30 year anniversary, but even more significant is the scene from the second movie that has lead character Marty McFly going to the "future" which in this scene was deemed as October 21, 2015.
This futuristic scene meant plenty 30 years ago as fans of the movie marveled at shoes without laces (they tied themselves, naturally), flying hover boards and even more impressive, the cars that sailed through the skies.
As the actual date from the movie just came and went, fans of the movie and even casual onlookers couldn't help but compare exactly what the movie said the future would look like and what actually is at the disposal of the masses.
For instance, and ironically enough, those ever so cool self lacing tennis shoes now exist, and not surprisingly, Michael J. Fox is the recipient of the very first pair. Nike is set to distribute the shoes for real in 2016, but Fox, who played McFly in all three movies, showed them off recently to the amazement of onlookers who thought those were merely wishful thinking. How well they'll sell remains to be seen, but at first sight, they're simply way to nostalgic to ignore.
Wait, can something from the future yet a past movie be nostalgic? That time paradox almost is too hard to navigate.

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In addition to the shoes, the October 21, 2015 "Back to the Future" movie experience also included lots of technology that exists today, most notably the ability to talk to someone on a TV or computer screen. Skype, most notably, allows the general public and business world to chat and discuss and conduct business so that you can see the person while they're talking to you. Plenty of that happened in McFly's future, so apparently "Back to the Future" had the right trajectory as it related to flat screen TVs and how we communicate in 2015.
Sadly, we never made it to the flying cards or hovering boards, but time only will tell if that ever can exist. You have to wonder if car makers, now that those laceless shoes exist, won't be hard at work trying to find just the right technology for that flying ride that isn't on an airplane.
Realistically, the flying car might be light years away, but it doesn't hurt to think about what the future holds. The creators of "Back to the Future" certain did, and a lot of what their vision was 30 years ago came to fruition.

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