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Bloat warning: Certain foods can eliminate stomach bloating

Nothing is more frustrating for the general public when it comes to eating is that uneasy, uncomfortably feeling after you've taken that last bite and that feeling sets in almost immediately.
No, it's not overeating. In fact, you might have eaten what you believe to be the perfect meal, the perfect portion and yet you still aren't feeling well. In fact, your stomach looks like it's been swollen, like a bee sting to the belly button.
In actuality, what you are feeling is bloating. Your digestive system, the enzymes involved, isn't functioning based on how certain foods are hitting your stomach. But not all foods as far as bloating are created equal.
Some foods, in fact, actually can flatten your stomach to the point that you're feeling refreshed and quite comfortable.
Perhaps the easiest and most important food really isn't a food at all, but rather a drink. Ingesting plenty of water with lemon is a biggest advocate for a flatter, less bloated stomach. The one issue that most face is the assumption that if they're carrying around extra weight that it is the water weight, and they'll steer clear of it.

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Water, actually, is quite the opposite. Drinking plenty of it is going to keep you feeling less full and stomach totally in tune with the rest of your body and, more importantly, how you're digesting food. The lemon added is a plus, since lemons act as a diuretic and meshes well with the water to push the additional sodium out of your body.
Ironically, water helps with fluid retention but so does celery. Any food with a high water content is going to give you the same benefits as water itself. So you should be making it a point to stalk celery as much as possible, along with other foods high in water content: watermelon also jumps to the forefront as far as eliminating bloating with little or no effort.
Celery is one of many green foods, in fact, that will help with bloating. Stick to kale and other leafy greens to get rid of that feeling full annoyance that plagues the masses post meal.
Bloating is equal parts annoying and all too common with how we eat. You want to stick to water and water related foods and also eliminate as much sodium from your diet as possible. 
Doing so is going to blast bloat from your body, once and for all.

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