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Trick treated: How to have safe, secure Halloween

Every October and even perhaps a few weeks ahead of time, preparation for Halloween begins to take shape in a variety of forms, whether families with young children start the search for the perfect Halloween costume or decorations and other spooky and scary decor begin to make their way into your shopping carts and somewhere in and around your home.
What often is overlooked, however, is the idea that Halloween can be scary for a number of other reasons, most notably safety. Those individuals and families who aren't prepared to handle those concerns run the risk of having some sort of incident that can clearly be avoided.
Those Halloween decorations in the front yard, for instance, can wreak serious havoc on those who aren't paying attention to those tie downs that are holding that blow up pumpkin upright or keeping that ghastly ghoul in one piece. Those tie downs, rope specifically, are tripping hazards, especially if you have leaves that are beginning to fall or any other sort of hinderance to being able to see the tie downs easily.
Most of the safety and security of Halloween centers, however, more on the candy and the kids and making sure children are eating what is acceptable. Parents and anyone responsible for kids as far as the trick or treating part goes should be sure the neighborhood is well lit and the person escorting the kids is equipped with a flashlight or something to call out attention as the groups cross sidewalks or move from house to house.
As far as the candy goes, you should look for any candy that isn't packaged properly and that should be checked over before the kids start to dig in. Also part of that inspection should be any piercing or holes in the candy as well as any treat that isn't packaged at all. Apples, or manually bagged treats like trail mix or nuts, for example, might not be worth the hassle to check it over and might be a quick one and done in the sense that you'll dump it in the garbage and stick to the candy you can see isn't out of the package.

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Of course, based on the ages of your kids, you are going to want to work your way through the candy and make sure it is age appropriate.
Halloween is a mix of tricks and treats, but the latter can certainly turn quickly if you don't take a few minutes to ensure all parties involved aren't safe.

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