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Port authority: Why the airport is riddled with spending pitfalls

Anyone who has visited the airport, any airport, knows just how annoying the layover can be.
But as much as waiting around to jump from one plane to the next is just time wasted, you might want to think about the one other way it can be a hinderance.
Spending money.
When you think about the airport and the layover down time, you most certainly are going to find yourself spending money unnecessarily, whether that means cozying up to your favorite bar area or eating breakfast and lunch during hours of idle time, you can seriously lose plenty of cash just waiting around for your flight to leave the second time around.
So where exactly is all this money spent and how do you avoid it? 
Well, the former is quite easy to spot as most airports look like major metropolises or downtown areas in a hustling and bustling city. Restaurants, gift shops and other money makers, including just spots that look like stand alone convenient stores in the vein of 7 Eleven or Sheetz, are somewhat impossible to ignore, particularly the restaurants that can easily jack up the prices of the average sandwich and dinner due to the convenience element that is as easy to spot as the plane sitting the runway.

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Perhaps even more inane is shopping at the airport. Here you are, John Q. Traveler, and you've just come from The Alamo, Disney World or some other place with a thousand and one gift shops and plenty of other gifts you can bring home to your loved ones or spread around the office, and you're trying to decide on a stuffed animal or Los Angeles T shirt in a gift shop that is going to charge you twice as much as you'd pay somewhere else.
Again, it all boils down to convenience and procrastination at its finest.
Anyone who has flown before also knows to plan the parking situation ahead of time to the point that you get a ride and avoid those overnight fees as well.
Flying is by far the easiest form of travel, but what can't be overlooked is the pricey piece of component that can easily turn the average flight into something much more costly than originally perceived.
So whether you pack a lunch, have snacks from home or get that all important ride to the airport, saving money might be just as important as the trip and flight put together.

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