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Stress(ing) The Point: Subduing Stress Could Be Quite The Sticky Situation

Whether you're worried about the government shutting down or simply what outfit to wear for that important business pitch, stress is unavoidable.
Stress often is overlooked both in its mildest forms as well as a contributing factor to major illness or disease. Stress not only contributes to topical feelings of sadness, anxiety, fatigue and lack of motivation, but also can be underlying factors for heart disease, stroke, heart attacks and a plethora of digestive problems and afflictions.
Wiping away stress isn't something that can be pinpointed per say by the use of one singular product or even implementing everything from exercise to meditation as a means to an end. But that doesn't mean there aren't a few things, specific or general, that can at least help subside the stressful feelings that you can't seem to shake.
So how do you eliminate stress?
If you're a music lover, maybe a few soft, subtle tunes can at least give you a few moments of sanity in an otherwise crazy day. Some prefer a few scented candles or lotions coupled with a nice, relaxing bath as a way to combat the thoughts of pushing through another work day, taking care of the kids and making sure there is enough money in the bank to pay bills.

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Sleep might seem like a wonderful idea to help fight off stress, but that could be a sign of depression as it relates to stress if you're apt to want to sleep all the time. Instead, relax on a hammock or some type of lounge chair for a few minutes; perhaps even set your watch or phone with an alarm so you don't necessarily snooze for 12 hours at a time.
Your diet also plays a major role in stress as you tend to turn to "comfort" foods in the wake of a hectic day that turns into weeks or months. Foods such as oranges and sweet potatoes fight off feelings of anxiousness, along with main courses such as salmon or turkey.
In addition to a sound diet, exercise or even a heavy house cleaning takes your mind off the moment and allows you to run or scrub, respectively, to the point that you're exerting energy on the task at hand, rather than wallowing in what's on your mind.
From the tangible to conceptual stress relievers, Too Many Rocks in Your Pocket is equal parts unique and intrigue. You might call the Too Many Rocks in Your Pocket the thinking-man's stress reliever as as it encourages users to confront stress head on and in a visual manner. The rocks have words like ""job," "money," or "kids," written on them and whichever rock relates to your particular stressor, you put in your pocket.
At the end of the day, you empty your pocket and go over exactly what bothered you that day.
No full proof method makes for a less stressful existence but they key is identifying, combating and potentially solving stress, not letting it mount to an insurmountable level.

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