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Kitchen cleanup: Certain foods can go for good

When you think of bread, milk, pretzels and other foods that you'd consider staples in your kitchen, what comes to mind?
Probably not a whole lot, other than you don't really see any problem with these foods whatsoever.
That is, until you really, take a long, hard look at them and exactly what they bring to the kitchen table in the form of content, ingredients and if they're really worth keeping on what could be a much maligned grocery list.
Take for instance that white bread you're eating.
Did you know your digestive system was never meant to digest properly white bread? This is by far one of the worst foods you can eat as far as foods that pretend to be perfectly fine. White bread has little to no nutritional benefits and is filled with flour and enough grams of whole grain to count on one finger (better make that zero fingers since it has none).

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Some foods masquerade as healthy snacks, too, most of which center on that trail mix you hear so much about or peanut butter that is always been called "healthy fat" even though some brands beg to differ.
The trail mix is an easy one: most of the trail mix you see that is pre packaged is high in sodium and fat content, with the latter centering on add ins to that mix that include pieces of chocolate or dried fruit filled with sugar. If you have to have that trail mix oriented snack, you can easily make your own and save yourself unneeded calories or fat content that is easily skippable.
The peanut butter must be labeled all natural, which means the trans fat is at a minimum and by minimum that means zero grams. Most all natural peanut butters are of that ilk.
Finally, a popular lunch time item can cause some serious sodium levels to skyrocket, and that is your favorite soup from a can. This is easy, convenience and is easy to transport from home to work for a lunch time that is quick and simple. You have to stick to low sodium soups since most canned soup is more than 1,000 milligrams of sodium in just one serving (i.e. one can).
Even though your favorite foods seem perfectly harmless, they're often riddled with issues in some form or another and should be avoided, no matter how hard it is to clean them off your countertops once and for all.

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