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Huge mistake: Is the new Samsung tablet too big for own good?

Has Samsung finally gone too far?
Or in this case, too big?
Samsung has no shortage of phenomenal products from cell phones to tablets and have experienced the kind of success that rivals Apple in both of those categories. Their smart phones are arguably smarter than what their fruit sensation friends in Silicon Valley have been doing lately, and that goes for just about any tech savvy gadget.
But their latest tablet offering might be a bit much to swallow or, in this case, practically handle.
Say hello to the Galaxy "View."

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The name is quite applicable since the view is a tablet that tables at almost 20 inches in size and was designed for the consumer that is interested in watching videos on the couch, in the bed or at the office without having to lug around a laptop or cozy up next to a stationary PC or Mac.
But the "View" isn't exactly from the top just yet for Samsung.
This tablet is too big, period. And it weighs too much to fall under the umbrella of convenience.
The idea behind the tablet is that it replaces the laptop completely. The Samsung View is only going to appeal perhaps to the tablet owner or the former PC slash laptop user that perhaps doesn't have a slew of flat screen TVs throughout the house or just likes the idea of watching television in a room, such as the kitchen or office, that doesn't already have a TV in it.
But it is hard to get too excited about the prospect of having to lug around this beast of a tablet, and Samsung has its hands full, among other companies, since the tablet business isn't exactly hotbed as tablet are falling victim to cell phones that are large enough to masquerade as tablets, known as phablets to suggest a phone and tablet hybrid.
The only success the Samsung View is going to experience if it can do what cell phones did to tablets that it can do to television and that is create a tablet that takes the place of your TV, much the same way cell phones have done to tablets.
The Samsung View is going to be stocked with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, so maybe Samsung really has its sight set on combining a worthwhile, large scale tablet with television services that could easily eliminate your TV altogether.
Even with that said, however, you might be at least a few years away from customers carrying around a tablet that is the size of a small TV.

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