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Popularity contested: Are you actually liked by people?

So ask yourself a very important question: are you really popular? Furthermore, are you liked by the majority of people who meet you? 
That might be a tough question to answer and navigate through simply because the people you meet tend to shy away from their actual feelings when they shake your hand, look you in the eyes or even give you a half hearted hug. 
How can your really tell if people talk highly of you or think spending time with you or talking to you is easy to pass on?
There are few things you might be doing that are considered turn off to the masses, and a lot of that depends on how you talk about yourself or come across via social media. If you're someone who talks about yourself constantly and you don't come across as a good listener or someone who actually pays attention to what the other person is saying, that's a tell tale sign that you're not going to be high on the list of people wanting to spend time with you.
The flip side to that works too that if you ask too many questions or are intrusive and are actually prying for information, that is a major turn off to a total stranger that you're meeting for the first time. You have to ease into a conversation and subsequent relationship, much like you dip your toe in cold water first.
Making it a point to come at some one like a reporter is outright rude.
Your online reputation may precede you as well if you're one of those types on Facebook or other social media mediums that you can't help but give a blow by blow interpretation and description of what you're doing all day, every day.

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If you're someone who wants to talk about what you had for breakfast or are incredibly annoying with your social media posts, you'll most likely have eyes rolled at you without much attempt to hide it.
In person, you want to come across as sincere, not fake or like you're trying too hard. Think of the "Seinfeld" episode where George is trying to be nice to Jerry's girlfriend, who can't stand him. She doesn't like George based on how he commented during a dinner and George proceeded to try too hard to be liked, and it came across as phony.
Everyone, no matter what they say, wants to be liked, but doing so has to come naturally, not forced and in a way that doesn't make the interaction all about you.

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