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Television adds: Do commercials really mean anything anymore?

Aside from live events, sports mostly and the Super Bowl specifically, you'd be hard pressed to find much fanfare around television commercials.
Thanks to the inception of DVR devices from your cable or satellite company, lovers of television can fast forward through commercials and go from point A to point B while they're watching their favorite shows.
No longer do they have to watch or make it a point to sit through car commercials or ads for any number of new medications (and boy do they have some interesting side effects, too). Instead, you hit one button and off you go and so long to commercials or having to be enticed to buy a product or service.
So why exactly do commercials still exist and furthermore do companies even put much stock in that medium when it comes to marketing and subsequent sales?
Those in the know when it comes to promotion tend to move toward social media and other forms of advertising that aren't as archaic as television. Television advertising is down, but some in the marketing department aren't really sure exactly how to use it to its full advantage. They take the demographic they want to reach most and pair up their ad to a show or station that works well based on who is watching.

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For instance, WWE and its Monday night wrestling show are tops each week on cable every week, and the strong male demographic is the coveted 18 to 35, so you'll get advertisers gearing toward that group.
But even those who know who they want to reach, television commercials aren't nearly as popular as Facebook, Twitter, social media as a whole. Although you can argue quite successfully that TV ads are far more coveted than the dead on arrival entities that are newspapers, magazines and any other fledgling print media.
When it comes to TV and advertising, you might want to follow the golden rule: make your message clear, complete and fun. The best commercials, the ones that people pay attention to even in the midst of fast forwarding technology are the ones that are funny, smart and don't belabor their point.
Creativity always will trump trends, but you can't rely on just that. Your TV commercials have to be the total package since advertising on television no longer is when it comes to gaining new and holding on to old business.

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