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Manager special: Why restaurant managers make or break poor food

Have you ever had to send back a meal at a restaurant? And how exactly did the manager react?
Of course you have sent back a meal. That isn't necessarily an ever day occurrence but could easily be something you have done recently if the food isn't up to your standards.
Those who say they never send food back believe to be doing so because they don't want to create problems for the restaurant or get a particular worker in trouble, but they're actually doing a disservice to the establishment by not letting someone in charge know that the service isn't up to par.
As an owner of a restaurant or even the general manager, you'd like to be able to fix the problem so that it doesn't happen consistently and end up costing you business due to a bad reputation.
That is, if you're the type of manager, that isn't opposed to fixing a problem, most notably food being served incorrectly or if taste, quality and presentation just isn't apparent. But truthfully, all restaurant managers aren't created equally; there are some that address customers correctly, fix any issues and walk away knowing they'll have a repeat customer due to their competency and compassion.

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The ones who have it down pat are quick to tend to customers who have food they didn't like or if there was something wrong with it. The managers that make restaurants look good will offer to replace the meal and not charge customers even for the replacement. Most importantly, they don't argue or engage the customer as far as making them explain themselves beyond just not enjoying the food or experience.
Managers who hit you with "well, what do you mean, what's wrong with it" versus the apologetic ones who don't get confrontational and just want to make it right. The former is a manager that isn't about customer service but rather believing that his restaurant is devoid of fallible employees who can make mistakes or cooks or chefs who are having an off night.
If a plate of wings comes to you nearly raw for example, what more do you need to say to a manager aside from that? Anything more asked of you is just plain wrong and shows that the customer hardly comes first.
And if the manager isn't prepared to comp the meal, coupons or some sort of gift card would be in order.
Being a competent general manager of a restaurant means not assuming that your business and operation can't make a mistake. You hire good people, and you have the attend meetings and follow protocol but serving a bad meal means someone had an off night. Just make sure you don't, either, when you have to deal with the fallout.

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