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Puppy Powder: Making Your Own Dog Food Is Desired Result For Cash Strapped Consumer

Slaving in the kitchen in the hopes of creating a perfectly cooked meal is no longer just a routine for the family. Now, you can do the same for your dog.
Questioning the idea of using "people food" to carefully prepare and serve certainly is understandable as table scraps often are viewed as a negative for your pup. Simply shoving a few leftovers in Fido's bowl isn't exactly considered making your own dog food, especially if that food is something with some sizzle or spice to it.
No one is suggesting serving your dog a side of ribs or some fajitas or dress him up in his favorite holiday or sports themed sweater and whisk him away to TGI Fridays.
This recipe is more about keeping things simple and adding one special ingredient: puppy powder. The "simple" aspect is nothing more than a mélange of lean ground meat or potatoes. Rice works well too, as well as cooked or fresh vegetables such as spinach or asparagus.
Various companies who encourage making your own dog food have created the aforementioned powders that add specific nutrients that dogs need as part of their formula that mesh incredibly well with the table food.

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That intense, amazing combination of powder and foods low in fat content keep tails wagging for quite some time.
Naturally, some foods are a "no no" no matter what: every pet owner has heard the war stories about chocolate, and nuts are usually a safe bet to steer clear of all the time. It's also important to note that you should gradually introduce a natural diet to your dog and not have he or she quit the canned or bagged beef cold turkey.
Of course, the true draw of cooking your own dog food isn't slaving over a hot stove for more than just your husband, wife or kids. The time put in to make your own food should be well worth it over the long haul as far as your budget is concerned.
A typical, homemade serving of dog food costs about $1.25, about a dollar or so less than a store bought can. Figure how many cans you go through in a week and you could see several hundred dollars accumulate before you know it.
The hardest part about this endeavor is getting the hang of cooking the dog food and not becoming overly frustrated after only a few tries.
Your determination and dedication will be appreciated by not only your bank account but could put you in an even higher standard with man's best friend.

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